Tree Service in Jamaica, NY | Tree Removal & Trimming

Finding a tree service company that is right for you can help the overall appearance of your trees as long as the health of the trees. Attempting to find the perfect company for you can be a struggle though. As of late, there has been a sharp increase in the overall amount of tree service contractors. This has led to an increase in the quality of service. There is a variety of different traits that you need to look for in a tree service company before you hire them.


If you need tree pruning done, find a company that specializes in it. One of the most important things to look for in a company is an experience. Find a company that has had success over the years with the locals in your area. It is easy to see if a company is a high quality by simply checking for license and insurance. You can see all of this information in reviews left by other locals in the area. It is very important to address exactly what tree service related issue you are having ahead of time to find a company that can best help you out.


Some of the things to look for in a qualified company:


Tree Removal

Attempting to cut down a tree on your own can be very dangerous as most trees are very heavy and can fall in many unexpected ways. You might need a tree cut down for a personal reason, or the tree itself is dying. Those tend to be the two most popular reasons for our tree removal service. However, most people never think about getting a tree removed because the tree has a chance of falling down and causing injury. Depending on where the tree is located, it can be difficult for us to get all of our trucks and equipment to the area. This is when we turn to our expert tree climbers to get the job done. We are the company to call when you need a professional tree removal.


Tree Trimming

Tree trimming, or tree cutting as we like to call it, is an essential asset for keeping your trees healthy and in good shape. Unneeded branches, leaves and other weeds can add stress to the tree and eventually lead to death. This is why it’s important to stay on top of this and trim them often. We know the exact times to go about cutting them so they can look great and live the life they were meant for. Attempting to cut or trim some trees at certain times of the year can lead to disease to the tree.


Storm Damage

Most trees tend to be rather strong as they have really long roots that stretch far under the ground. However, even the strongest trees might not be able to outlast a storm from Mother Nature. If a tree happens to fall in a storm and lean on your home it can be very dangerous down the road and possibly cause injury. We have an emergency service that is ready to roll the second you call us. We strive to limit Damage and keeping you safe from all trees that fall in storms.

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