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All About Tree Maintenance

Trees provide us with all sorts of different benefits in our daily life. They convert our carbon dioxide into oxygen, create shade, and look beautiful in our yards. If you wish to continue to get full use of your trees, you must make sure to maintain them the correct way.  


One of the most simple, yet important things that must be done to have a healthy tree is daily watering. Some young trees aren’t able to get water from their roots and have a hard time staying alive because of it. Most trees require close to 30 liters of water a week in order to strive.

It is very hard to over water a tree. They can absorb tons of water and not take any damage. It is also best to water at night when water isn’t easily evaporated into the environment.


Another important thing to look at when making sure that your trees are living a healthy life is that there are no weeds around. Weeds can take water that young trees need to grow. One thing that really helps to prevent weeds in mulch. 4 to 6 inches of mulch can make sure that your tree stays properly hydrated as well.

Tree Related Services

Emergency Storm Damage

We are ready to take a call 24 hours a day. One of the biggest problems that come from storms are trees that fall on roofs. Depending on the size of the tree, they can fall and cause even more damage. We have all of the experience needed to safely remove the tree without causing any further damage.

Tree Removal

We know when it is best to remove of a tree. Whether the tree is just too old, or you are looking to create more space, we have all of the tools and expertise needs to safely remove any tree, regardless of the size.

Tree Trimming

We know the exact times to go about trimming each tree so that it can fully develop and live out the life that it was meant for. Trimming some trees at certain times of the years can lead to diseases for your tree which can result in death.

Main Equipment Used for Tree Service

  1. Bucket Truck
  2. Chipper
  3. Crane

The best tree service companies out there have all of these pieces of equipment and more that helps them get the job done faster. Not all tree service companies were created the same. The ones that properly use this equipment can take a major step ahead of the others. We have all of the latest equipment in the tree service business that allows us to get the job done efficiently.

Tree Climbers

Depending on the location, we may not be able to get all of our vehicles up to the trees in which case we can utilize our master tree climbers. Every year people die in the tree service business because of inexperienced tree climbers. Not every tree climber was created equal. Some are considered master tree climbers that have years of experience, alongside all of the safety training to get the job done correctly so that your money is saved in the long run.

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